Warrior’s Work & Ben West Gallery

Warrior’s Work and Ben West Gallery is the creation of South Dakotans Randy Berger and his wife Janna Emmel. Their gallery began as Warrior’s Work, dedicated to Native American art, then expanded to Ben West Gallery to include other

contemporary artists. We are proud to know all of our artists personally. We have been honored by many of them who have asked us to frame their work or who have encouraged us along our path. They are people we respect and enthusiastically represent.

Among the many beautiful pieces of flat art showcased in the gallery, there are also sculptures in bronze, stone, glass and wood. The gallery has also introduced its own distinct style of men’s and women’s wear. Our ‘gallery wardrobe’ consists of high quality leather hats and jackets. We take pride in carrying many American-Made products. We are always evolving in every aspect, from art to style. We love what we do and love to share our passions with those who appreciate and support us.


277 Main St
Hill City, SD 57745

(605) 574-4954